1975 RU - 1982 Russia Gold 10 Roubles Chervonets

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This item is truly an amazing product. 2489 oz real gold weight.

The photos are meant to be indicative of the quality of the coin you will receive. A few years later the stock of the central bank's vaults came to an end and in 2006 the new investment coin featuring the portrait of saint george the victorious was introduced.

It is definately worth the price. Throughout the years the name was applied to various russian coins. In 2001 the gold chervonets were allowed official legal tender status. It will serve you well.

Contains. Photos in this listing may be stock photos. These golden ten roubles chervonetz additionally called "chervontsy" were struck again before the 1980 olympic games as well as the central bank hoped the coins would compete with the south african krugerrand. The russian term chervonets is a former currency of the russian empire as well as soviet union originally a term for coins of purer alloy. Most people who purchased this item thought: "Really solid product and the price is outstanding."

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